Download Mini Militia Patcher APK And Its Features

Mini Militia Patcher is basically an android app which lets you hack the Mini Militia Doodle Army 2. With this hack, you can enjoy many exclusive features that are currently unavailable in many MM mods. Mini Militia Patcher is all on one in the Mini Militia modding app which can work with and without root.

Mini Militia Patcher

Mini Militia Patcher Features:

The features include:

  • It is possible to read old patches of mini militia on rooted and no-rooted devices.
  • It contains all the possible mods.
  • It can be worked with and even without root as well.
  • Its status give you the mode that a patcher use.

How to Use Mini Militia Patcher:

The quick and easy installations steps are:
  • Download the file and press installation.
  • Open the game after installation and give permission if it will ask.
  • It will ask for root permission if your phone is rooted.
  • If you want to use the game in the rooted mode then it will patch the game directly. Just press the accept button.
  • But, if you want to use it in the no-root mode then it will generate a modded APK. For this, press the deny button.
  • Now select you patches and press the patch button.
The prime things to note are:
  • For the rooted users, it will patch the game directly.
  • For the non-rooted users the patcher will create a modded APK named MMPatched.apk either in the internal or external storage.
  • If One Patched APK is installed in your device from this patcher then you don’t need to uninstall it and cancel the installation process.
  • If there is any problem then you need to restart your phone and try again.
  • If you have marshmallow then grant permission. Now check in the app info of this app then restart your phone.

The best thing so far that makes this patch most lovable is its feature to hack Mini Militia. Now you can enjoy the MM without any restriction.

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