Mini Militia Old Version APK With Its Features

Mini Militia Old Version – full of actions and thrills – makes you completely nostalgic with its strong charismatic views. Anyone wither beginner or expert finds himself lost in the game whenever they are on. For beginners, controlling the soldiers is quite difficult in the beginning as the soldiers are designed to be able to fly.

Mini Militia Old Version

Just like our favorite Iron Man, the mini soldier can fly with the rockets under his feet. In the training mod, the newbies can play with the available tutorials.

All mini militia old versions are so rich in content that whether you have the latest one you still love whenever you play the old one.

The old versions of Mini Militia are considered to be more stable when played online. The main reason behind that is their testing. All previous versions are tried and tested over time.

Plus, their source code is easy to understand and manipulate. On the other hand, the newer versions have fewer loopholes and are far more complex than these old versions.

The multiplayer battles up to 6 / 12 players – online and local Wi-Fi modes – joins people from all across the world. The shooting controls, gameplay with rocket boots, grenades, dual wield, heavy duty weapons, cartoon themed, and what not.

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Mini Militia Old Version Features

All the features in Mini Militia old version give you a unique experience. Some more features of Mini Militia old version are:
  • Comes with a pro pack that gives all features free.
  • You can get enough battle points to purchase your favorite store items.
  • Using the free battle points you can increase the Jetpack and Ammo reloading.
  • There are cool Avatars and their customization features are available.

Now, having the futuristic approach, people still like the Mini Militia old version and love to rest a hand on it.

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